Monday, 15 March 2010

Crafty weekend

This weekend has been quite a crafty one for me! I went to a craft show at the Malvern Show ground with my Mum and some of her friends on Friday. Although the show wasn't quite as good as I hoped it would be, I did still manage to spend a few pennies! Here is my stash of goodies

I decided Saturday was to be a crafty day - I set to work on Mother's Day cards and presents and few birthday cards to add to my card collection (which does not have many cards in it! Hehe!)

These are the cards I made for Mother's Day - this was for Matt's mum

This was for my mum, and is cased from a card in CARDS magazine, but I cant give credit as I only took a photo of the card from my friend's magazine. But wherever you are in the world clever lady, thank you for the inspiration!

I'll share over the next few days the presents I made for both Mum's - flower arrangements! I was so excited that they worked out, I've never done it before! Happy belated Mother's day to all you mummy's out there - I hope you got chance to have a lovely day.

Thanks for looking at my little blog and for any comments you may leave. Until next time.....

P.S Sorry for the dodgy formatting of my posts - I can't get blogger to play ball and make my posts look nice!!

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  1. What fab cards, Gemma! I bet both mums were more than pleased with them! Loving your CASE, just reminds me that I need 'In Bloom'!
    Can't wait to see the presents you made!