Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Stationery Box

So here is the stationery box I completed at break neck speed for my sister - her friends birthday is next Thursday, but she wanted it ready in time for this weekend - when she visits her. With everything that's been going on here it was a tight squeeze to get it done, but it went in the post on time!

This is the outside of the box - the images are tiny thanks to me not being able to find my camera memory card so I've had to pull them off facebook!

This is the box all opened up - there are 6 normal size cards, 3 3x3 cards, a post-it note pad, stamps, pen and a bar of dairy milk!

This picture shows the normal size cards - I made 2 of each design for ease!

I hope every body is having a lovely bank holiday weekend. I'm now on holiday from work for 2 weeks! And I'm off to see the sun in Portugal in a few days time! I can't wait!

Until next time....

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