Sunday, 24 May 2009

Happy Birthday Sally

Here is a card I made for my boss, it was her birthday yesterday. I still have her present to make - I decided I'd have time when we got back from holiday, but I didn't! So I'll be spending the remainder of the bank holiday crafting.

The photo of the card was taken with my new photo tent that my parents bought me for my birthday. I love it! I only had a quick play with it as the battery on my camera and the light were dying - but I think it's the best picture of a card I have yet.

Along with crafting I also have to unpack my starter kit from SU. The box was so heavy that I couldn't lift it! My desk is in the corner of the dining room, I'm having to turf Matt's stuff out of the shelving unit that's next to my desk so I can have some where to store it all! Hehe! Love it! Wait till I put my first order in!

So, I'll be back in the week with some more creations and hopefully information about ordering stampin up through me.

Until next time....

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