Sunday, 11 October 2009

Second time lucky?!

Well I'm hoping that this post will work - blogger seems to be doing funny things to photo's when I'm typing my post so I can only hope this works when I click 'publish post'!!

This card is one I made last weekend for a colleague's birthday. I made a batch of 3 cards in quick succession using mainly chocolate chip card stock, paper and ribbon. I'll share the other 2 cards in the next few days.

Unfortunately Matt has passed his bugs onto me and I have got a yacky head cold. Typically as I had plans to craft this weekend - and we have our first craft group meeting tomorrow. But I'll be there in some shape or form!

I'm off to rest back up on the sofa - although Matt has taken control of the TV and he is watching a programme from his childhood called the Interceptor - it's a bit random!

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave - they make me smile! Until next time....

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