Monday, 16 November 2009

Time away

I've decided I need to take some time away from posting on my blog. My Grandad had a stroke on Friday (13 November - not a good day for me), he has not suffered too badly from it, but he is in hospital and will be for a good few days yet.

With Christmas fast approaching and a trip to New York only 17 days away, unfortunately something has to give and I think this is the place it has to go. I'll still be trying to create where I can, but I feel I need to focus on family (and friends) at the moment and not worry about posting on here.

I'll still be visiting blogs regularly, it keeps me sane and gives a welcome distraction.

Thanks for all the visits over the last few months and I'll be back next month or in the new year with some things to share!

Love to all my bloggy friends xxxx


  1. I really hope that your Grandad is better soon Gem. I know how worrying it can be. We will miss you here in blogland, but completely understand, sometimes something just has to give.

    Lots of love,

    Katrina xx

  2. Oh Gemma, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad & I'm wishing him a speedy recovery :)

    Not long until New York you lucky thing!

    Really hope to see you tomorrow, can't wait!!
    Love Steph xxx

  3. Just wanted to say happy new year & hope you're well - how was New York?!!
    Steph xxx